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Rice pudding - Vegan or classic with milk! This is how it tastes and how you can prepare it!

Whether with cinnamon and sugar, cherries or red fruit jelly. Rice pudding is a real treat, not only for the little ones.

Sweet mustard, mustard sauce... so versatile and healthy is mustard!

Sometimes you like to add your mustard. Whether medium hot, sweet or a Dijon, that is the question here.

What exactly makes Avocado so healthy? Nutrition data, facts and recipes.

You actually buy them raw and the next day they are already overripe. The mystery of avocado once rolled up.

About Lasagna Mamas and the worlds Lasagna love

Garfield is not the only one who loves her: The lasagna. Layer after layer of pure pleasure!

Why fast food doesn't equal junk food and why you can have both now and then

Is junk food the same as fast food? But exactly this conclusion is wrong, because junk food is not the same as fast food.