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City: Sipoo, Kalkkirannantie 556
seafood, pizza, live music, Dessert, Milk
The average rating of 4.3 shows that the customers have been satisfied well so far.
"Lovely place and good safka!"
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City: Sipoo, Eriksnäsvägen 131, FI-01150 Sipoo, Finland
"Good and fast service."
The menu for Subway from Sipoo is not yet available. On our site you will find a big selection of other menus from Sipoo. Have a look at them or help Menulist and add an overview of the menu here.
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City: Sipoo, Motorest, FI-01150 Sipoo, Finland
Breakfast, Coffee, Free, Mild, Parking
Reservations can be done for this location via contact number: +358505935428.
"From yesterday not clean. no nice mood."
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City: Sipoo, Kay Hartwallin Tie 2, FI-01150 Sipoo, Suomi
The restaurant is definitely a good choice, which is also confirmed by previous guests with an average rating of 3.
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City: Hangelby (near Sipoo), Kalkkirannantie 585, 01180 Sipoo, Finland
Fries, Steaks, Poultry, Chicken Schnitzels, Anchovy
In this Restaurant tasty Pizza is freshly baked in the traditional way, the Menus are usually made in the shortest time and freshly prepared for you. They also serve you tasty seafood meals , and of course you should also try the delicious burgers, which are served with side dishes such as fries, salads or wedges. If all that still isn't enough, guest can follow a bit of the American trend and order a good amount tasteful chicken wings and eat them, of course, there is also a selection of different crispy chicken dishes. Additionally, the beautiful view of various landmarks offers another plus point for a visit to our location.
"Kylmä savustettu lohi-onion-caper-dill pizza paras koskaan!"

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