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Founded in 2015, menulist.menu is dedicated to creating the most comprehensive restaurant information database. Our platform aims to simplify the dining experience by providing a one-stop solution for discovering restaurants, exploring menus, and reading reviews. With a user-friendly interface, menulist.menu allows you to easily browse through dishes, view high-quality images, and read detailed user reviews.

menulist.menu features over 2.5 million restaurants worldwide, available in 10 languages including English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Danish, Polish, and Dutch. We attract approximately 4 million monthly visitors, continuously updating our database with new restaurants and improved data to ensure our users have the best dining experience possible.

Our mission is to empower users to make informed dining decisions, whether they are looking for a local favorite or exploring new culinary horizons.


Dedicated professionals ensuring operational excellence.


75% of traffic from mobile devices.


2.5 million daily visitors from over 20 countries.

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