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Menulist provides the most comprehensive food and restaurant database. It is a one stop place for everyone to retrieve detailed information on the best eateries and restaurants nearby, what’s on their menu, the best dishes from the menu to consider and additional useful informations.


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“Why I'm using Menulist ?“

“I have a really broad culinary base. Means I like to try and let myself be inspired. Menulist is the most comprehensive website in United States, there is just no reason to avoid it. And I like how easy it is. Just enter a keyword and I will get results with addresses etc. The other day a couple invited me to dinner and cooked exotic food for us. I absolutely had to eat that again, so I simply searched for the name of the dish on Menulist and found a restaurant nearby that served me exactly that dish.”

“Menulist is available in so many countries!”

We like to travel and usually go out for dinner to get to know the regional specialities. Menulist supports us optimally, because wherever we are at the moment, restaurants in the vicinity are suggested to us. No matter whether we are in the USA, Hong Kong or back in United States. We also like the community.

We also like the community. We think that we have already helped many people with our reviews.

Menulist is the most comprehensive provider of online menus in United States. The free website with well over 2,500,000 restaurants has been growing steadily since its launch in 2015 to guide even more people to amazing restaurants. The question we always ask ourselves when adding features customer have asked for: How do I find restaurants that make me curious? We ask ourselves this question together as a team - and thrive to develop a platform by and for people who like delicious food.

“Why we have a premium plan on Menulist?“

We serve quality-conscious delicacies from international and mediterranean cuisine in a stylish ambience. As experienced restaurateurs, we always focus on first-class products.

Menulist convinced us with its perfect service. You can immediately see that this website was created with the highest quality standards. We are happy to work with such a company.

After just one month, we received initial feedback on our presence on Menulist, and after one year, a noticeable increase in turnover, especially from tourists.

“What counts for us in particular is the huge coverage of Menulist”

Cuisine is an important factor for a pleasent stay. We serve delicious regional and international specialities. We are proud to often welcome guests from abroad.

That is why we were particularly impressed by the coverage of Menulist. It is the most popular website for menus in United States and abroad. With the premium plan we are usually first in the search results. This has helped our restaurant a lot, we host many new guests, some have already become regulars.

Meet the team

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If you like good food, you are open to trying something new.

We regularly visit new and established restaurants and talk with them about their wishes, ideas and concerns.

Menulist - Restaurants with menus near you

All Menulist employees are digital natives, most of them have a background in gastronomy. It goes without saying that we have not only found a job here, but also a vocation. No matter what it is, marketing, software development or sales - we love good food.

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