Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you can find answers to common questions about using menulist.menu.

For Restaurants

How can I update my restaurant's information?

To update your restaurant's details, please click the "Edit" button on the restaurant's page. This allows you to update information, mark it as closed, or correct inaccuracies.

What is the process for claiming my restaurant?

To claim your restaurant, visit this link: https://menulist.menu/for-companies. Upon verification, you can edit the profile via Restaurant -> Edit.

How do I remove my restaurant from the platform?

To delete your restaurant, you need to verify ownership. Follow: https://menulist.menu/for-companies/get-started to take over your restaurant and delete it after verification. You will find the delete option in the restaurant admin page.

How can I add a new restaurant listing?

After selecting a package, you can use this link to add a restaurant using the "New Company" button: https://menulist.menu/for-companies

For Guests

How can I contribute a menu to a restaurant's page?

To upload a menu, click "Upload Picture" on the restaurant's page and follow the instructions. The image will be displayed after approval.

What should I do if I can't find a specific restaurant?

We make every effort to keep the list of restaurants on our website up to date. If a restaurant that you are looking for is not there, we would be pleased if you give the restaurant a short notice. We and the community will thank you!


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a relationship where a platform pays you (the affiliate) for subscriptions from referrals. The affiliate earns a commission when a sale is made due to their referral.

What earnings can I expect from the affiliate program?

You can earn a 75% commission with the Starter or Pro package, or a 40% commission with the Platinum package, provided the company selects an annual subscription.

When and how will affiliate commissions be paid?

Payments are made within two weeks of the restaurant's purchase. We will contact you via the provided email once the Premium Package purchase is confirmed. A valid bank account is required for payment.

How can I upgrade to a premium plan?

To upgrade, visit your account's restaurant page and click on the package type message. This will redirect you to the pricing page, where you can select a new plan. After processing, you can start using the new features.

How do I determine the best package for my needs?

If you need assistance in choosing the right package, please contact us or visit our support center. We are here to help you find the best plan for your business.

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