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Swabian ravioli: Maultaschen. What they are and the story behind their origin plus: tasty preperations

One of the German foods with probably the most curious origin story or rather origin legend are the Maultaschen - the Swabian ravioli, which are actually not ravioli.

It’s Lunch-Time! What does balanced and healthy lunch mean?

Despite all the speed, we should be aware that lunch is important to keep us and our organism going. Here are a few dishes to choose from.

Beer: all about history, crafting and fun facts

After work, a cold beer, so the man of today treats himself to a little relaxation. Another beer, please. The only question is, which one?!


The importance of comfort and ambience in the restaurant

People generally like to return to a place where they feel comfortable and with which they associate pleasant memories.

How delicious ice cream is made - and what you should watch out for when buying!

If the scoop of ice cream at the corner tastes different from the buffet at the Chinese restaurant or from the plastic cup from the freezer, then it's really no wonder...

The best baguette in the world - that's what we love it for and that's how it tastes the most delicious!

Probably one of the most famous white breads in the world celebrates its day of honor today: the baguette!

All about the tasty fillings that can go into Italy's most popular turnover - ravioli!

In terms of taste, they seduce us to a pleasant southern region - the dumplings from Italy. And this filling....

Whether you call them köttbullar, bitterballen, frikadelle or dumplings, the meatballs have become a big hit.

If you always go to IKEA, you probably can't avoid hot dogs and köttbullar. Depending on the country of origin, the meatballs are prepared differently, so it's worth taking a look.

Frozen and good? What else is there besides frozen fries, frozen cakes, frozen pizza and frozen vegetables!

Especially with fruit and vegetables, the question arises whether and in what form the sensitive vitamins are lost during freezing or not?


Everyday life with allergies - allergy sufferers need to pay attention to these points when it comes to food

People who suffer from allergies have to pay attention to a number of things in everyday life. For example, when ordering food or going to a restaurant, the choice is often limited