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Hot chocolate or hot cocoa? what is the difference and how is prepared in different regions

That's how she comes along. Especially in the cold season just the right thing to warm up again and feel like a child again. A hot chocolate.

Blueberry pancakes: how to make them and what alternatives exist

Today is pancake day, but not just any day: today is blueberry pancake day. A day that more or less - just like any other feast day of a super sweet food - invites you to feast.

From deliciously spicy to extremely hot: The hottest sauces like Tabasco or Chipotle

While a few days ago the main topic was the spicy dishes and the necessary hot spices and foods, today and therefore this post will be about the hot sauces.

Chili con carne, chorizo, tabasco sauce, all have something in common: the spiciness. Everything you need to know about it and the most popular spicy dishes.

Not everyone can tolerate it, but some people love it: spiciness in food. But what is spiciness anyway?

In cake, roast, chutney or juice - apples are so versatile!

You probably shouldn't let yourself be overwhelmed by the variety, otherwise the apple itself is a tasty little fruit.