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Animal or vegan, whole or low-fat: the milk. Available products and health benefits

Animal or vegan, whole or low-fat. The milk has become an indispensable part of our diet. But it is healthy?

All about the versatile potato: origin, nutrients and the preparation of dumplings, fries and much more

Potatoes are edible tubers, available worldwide and all year long. They are relatively cheap to grow, rich in nutrients, and they can make a delicious treat.

Where the hamburger comes from and how to prepare it

Burger King, McDonalds, ... All swear by the hamburger, you too? Let's just celebrate this Hamburger Day together today.

What is this asparagus and the most tasty ways of preparing and eating it

Whether green, purple or white, here is something for every taste. But what is it asparagus, what's behind it and how can you cook and enjoy it, you'll find here.

This is why bees are so important for our nutrition, and: is honey really healthy?

It hums and buzzes around us. Everywhere it is teeming with the little yellow and black striped helpers. But what do bees have to do with our food?