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City: Urla, Yeni Mah, Filiz Sokak, 27, Urla, Turkey
Pasta dishes, Burgers*, Pizza, Appetizers, Deutsche Spezialitäten
This Restaurant uses typical Asian spices to prepare tasty dishes, In addition, guests love the creative mix of the various standard dishes with new and sometimes experimental ingredients - a fine example of successful Asian fusion.
"I love bitkisel mutfak much! the owner is very experimental with eating and have qood quality vegan dishes. so far we have walnut ravioli, soy meat ravioli, “Iskender”, burger, iclikofte(a kind of meatball) and some gloomy and everything was absolutely delicious! the portions are large enough, so hungry there! my personal favorite is iclikofte. there are also products for sale, such as soy meat, tomato sauce, seasoned, crinkled and other plant products in jars"
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City: Urla, 35430 Izmir, Izmir Province, Turkey
"Herşey mükemmel ilgi süper "
You can easily get a reservation done with calling the restaurant +905444351444.
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City: Izmir (near Urla), Necati Cumalı Cad. No.19/A, İzmir I-, Turkey
The stop closest is Urla Belediyesi Otobüs Harekat Merkezi. You can easily get off there and take a small walk to the restaurant.
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City: Izmir (near Urla), Ege'Nin Lale Katmercisi, Arasta Sokak, 35430, Camiatik, Urla, Izmir, Turkey
The average rating of this restaurant is 4.6 which means it is incredibly well regarded by its guests.
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City: Urla, Malgaca Pazari 16, Urla I-, Turkey
We might have the menu from Berci's Koefte Manti in Urla in the photos section. You may find a list of dishes and drinks below. Are you currently visiting Berci's Koefte Manti or planning a visit? Help us by posting the menu here.
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City: Urla, İskele Mah., 2121 Sokak No.6/1, Urla I-35440, Turkey
The restaurant is happy to provide you with a gluten free menu.
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City: Urla, İskele Mah. 2121 Sokak No: 8, Urla I-, Turkey
Just phone the restaurant on +902327523362 to reserve a table for yourself.
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City: Izmir (near Urla), İzmir Çeşme Otoyolu, Güzelbahçe, İzmir, Türkiye
The menu for Inek Obasi from Izmir is not yet available. On our site you will find a big selection of other menus from Izmir. Have a look at them or help Menulist and add an overview of the menu here.
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City: Urla, Park Sk 8, Urla, Turkey, 35430
"Clean, well lit and simple small shop right next to a vegan restaurant. They do not speak much English, but many articles are clearly marked and they have a variety for Lacto vegetarians, vegan and more. Updated by previous rating on 2021-10-25"
The average rating of this restaurant is 4 which means guests have a very high opinion of this place.
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City: Yenikent (near Urla), Yenikent, Turkey
The average rating of 3.7 shows that the restaurant satisfied the majority of its customers so far.

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