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Based on the average evaluation of 4.4, the Du Vignoble au Verre is definitely worth a visit.

4.8 ★ from 226 reviews
14.10.2023 - 10:21

Very good restaurant, a map with little choice but quality gage. The boss knows very well what he offers in dish and wine. I recommend.

14.10.2023 - 10:21

Thanks to Eric and the chief for this exquisite moment you made us pass

4.6 ★ from 13 reviews
4.5 ★ from 308 reviews
4.0 ★ from 7 reviews
5.0 ★ from 12 reviews
4.0 ★ from 489 reviews
4.6 ★ from 145 reviews
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4.5 ★ from 2076 reviews
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Full Menu

In the Du Vignoble au Verre from Calais, they serve you various scrumptious steak meals.

The current menu card may be expanded on site to include seasonal specialties and weekly recommendations. In addition to a variety of dishes, the card also offers a diversity of beverages and typical house dishes. Additionally, the menu card also takes into account dishes and ingredients that have been commendably highlighted by customers, even if these have not yet been recorded.

The restaurant offers a good selection of alcoholic drinks.

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