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Based on the average review of 4.4, the El Local is definitely worth a visit.


4.0 ★ from 2 reviews

Right outside the main center, in a quiet place. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine. The owner will be happy to tell you about it in perfect Englis...

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Could we give 5 stars. Friendly owner. Nice food! We had a special not on the menu, a cured Petersip Hummus and a Bagelburger. We were very welcome. An oasis!!!


4.5 ★ from 451 reviews


4.4 ★ from 310 reviews

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4.4 ★ from 984 reviews


4.0 ★ from 14 reviews
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Full Menu

Here you'll find in addition to selected dishes, a comprehensive drinks selection, and various dish categories. The list of dishes is regularly expanded by customer recommendations and ingredients recommended by guests in a positive way. The list of dishes may be enriched on site by daily or weekly special offers.

The restaurant offers the most diverse meat dishes for every taste and for every occasion, Of course, there is also a selection of diverse crispy chicken dishes. In case that's still not enough, guests can easily follow the trend from the USA and order a generous portion of tasty chicken wings and eat them, and you have the opportunity to have traditional delicious pasta meals like Bolognaise and Carbonaratry. If that's not enough, perhaps just the thought of a savory piece of meat will make your mouth water.

Also, vegans are taken care of here. The locale offers a large selection of menus, in the preparation of which completely animal foods are avoided, and even has gluten-free meals on the menu.

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Last update: 10.01.2024