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Based on the average evaluation of 4.3, the Maison De La Lozere is definitely worth a visit.

4.6 ★ from 195 reviews
19.03.2024 - 05:47

Great local with French cuisine, recommend the foie gras

19.03.2024 - 05:47

A warm and authentic restaurant, a delicious cuisine with fresh products and beautiful dishes always accompanied by an excellent aligot. But especially the serv...

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4.5 ★ from 274 reviews
3.0 ★ from 11 reviews
5.0 ★ from 1 reviews
4.1 ★ from 332 reviews
4.6 ★ from 79 reviews
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Full Menu

Every occasion and every taste is catered for in the restaurant with the most diverse meat dishes, also presents you a multitude of juicy dishes with meat at the place.

The current menu card may be expanded on site to include seasonal specialties and weekly recommendations. In addition to a variety of menus, the menu also offers a assortment of beverages and typical house dishes. Additionally, the menu card also takes into account dishes and ingredients that have been commendably highlighted by guests, even if these have not yet been listed.

You can choose from a good range of alcoholic beverages in the restaurant, and you can have a refreshing beer (local as well as international varieties) drink.

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Last update: 19.03.2024