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The average rating of Le Cosy Montparnasse is 2.5, so the location has received mixed reviews from its guests.


5.0 ★ from 2 reviews
03.01.2024 - 17:37

Шикарный ресторан, добродушный владелец! Спасибо! Все очень понравилось. Рекомендовано к посещению!

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03.01.2024 - 17:37

Das Essen ist sehr lecker. Der Chef ist ein guter Mann.


2.9 ★ from 153 reviews


2.5 ★ from 3038 reviews


2.5 ★ from 2424 reviews


2.5 ★ from 2889 reviews
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The following list of dishes can be supplemented on site by daily or weekly specials. Besides certain dishes, you'll also find drinks and general types of dishes offered here on the menu. The list of dishes is supplemented by dishes and ingredients that customers have commendably mentioned but were perhaps not yet entered.

For the one who wants to savour delicious Chicken Wings - be it with BBQ, mild or spicy marinade, Le Cosy Montparnasse in Paris 15e Arrondissement is the right place, and you can have traditional delicious pasta menus like Bolognaise and Carbonara eat. You can also look forward to tasty steaks, Likewise, numerous delicious meat dishes find their way on the menu and also on the plates. Undoubtedly variations of finest chicken dishes are a staple of the meal, also serves you a variety of juicy meat dishes at the restaurant.

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Last update: 03.01.2024