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4 ★ from 3 reviews

This little cafe was such a great findAnd the stafff "sheltered" us this afternoon during our Air BNB disaster booking.

It is a rather disappointing Café when it comes to quality coffee.


4.1 ★ from 729 reviews

eight of us met, not in the situation, with some for almost two years. some had pizza, a duck two laughs with linguine and a ravioli, we all had appetizers that were excellent, the main meal were also a great complaining from the duck meal that the sweet rather dry, but others than that all were satisfied and quite full, the staff were also excellent and worked very hard and it was a pleasant evening.

we visited a fast eating before a booked theatre trip. we have eaten here a few years ago and remember that eating is amazing. but the lasagne was only bland this time and at best cut through. our son had the calzone bolognese pizza, which he really enjoyed. waitresses were very good and clearly hard working. based on this visit, if we were to come back, we would try something else on the menu instead of the old faithful lasagne.


a group of us (10 total) has decided to go here on Saturday night. despite booking a week ahead, we were made immediately to involuntarily by the fact that our table was a square and a round table pushed together - so the whole thing was awkward, as some of our party had practically our back to the others. there was an empty square next to us, the same size and when we got the attention of the waiter, we said we couldn't swap, a large amount of it and was incredibly rude. for a big party that all plan to spend quite a lot is the best way to behave? then we were practically ignored for the rest of the evening. they took too more

the food was great! the actual restoration founded quite strange, seems more like a caffe than an expensive Italian restaurant, but eating was so easy to compensate!


3.1 ★ from 681 reviews
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