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Onion cake, quiche, tarte - whether sweet or savory, cakes are good not only for birthdays

Not only for your birthday you can treat yourself to one or the other piece of cake, the cake is also welcome at the afternoon coffee.

Soup Wiki: history, varieties and health benefits

It is getting colder again, the colds come and go and with them the soups, warming from within and at the same time so delicious and healthy.

Cappuccino: about origin and the cappuccino effect

If the coffee itself is too bitter, you can sweeten it with coffee cream and sugar. But why should you do that when cappuccino is available?

Vegan diet - milk, schnitzel, chocolate and much more

Everyone thinks of all with vegetarian or vegan meal of the supplement and/or garden salad. But actually, the selection is not only green peppered with tomatoes or peppers.

Eat pumpkin cooked, baked, as a soup or even raw? You should definitely not do that on Halloween!

Whether for Halloween, Thanksgiving or even for the coffee klatch, what pumpkins have in store for us you will find here.