Statistical report

According to a statistical report from May 2019, a restaurant named Zaxbys based out in the USA was looked up 977 times and the dish “Caesar Salat” was searched over a thousand times. If you are a budding food enthusiast and planning to open up your own restaurant, the first step towards your goal should be to select a unique concept within budget. A noteworthy restaurant concept will cover a wide range of elements with a unique tone or mood.

The key factor in determining a restaurant’s charm and long-standing success lies in the crucial decision of choosing the concept. From the name of the establishment to even the paint color on the walls, every detail contributes to the overall concept. Every minute facet adds to the overall aesthetics, such as name of the enterprise or the color of the paint on the walls.

Selecting a location that matches the concept

Location will have a great impact while selecting the most efficient restaurant concept. If your restaurant is targeted to youth, it is wise to invest in a more unconventional theme. Similarly, an aristocratic setting with top notch interiors will be best suited for corporate meetings targeted towards elite professionals.

Focusing on creating the perfect menu

Whether your menu will consist of rich food like chicken tikka salad or you plan on going with traditional sushi, it is essential to note that experimenting with a lot of options may lead into a farrago. Focusing on keeping it simple and working on things you’re more comfortable with can immensely help in getting a positive feedback from customers.

Thorough research on the targeted clientele

A proper study on the regular demand is of vital importance. You can conquer the market if the homework is done right. Organize a market survey to observe what works best for your location. Prioritize your customers and try to focus on things that are important to them. You can focus on proper restaurant amenities which makes a patron feel classy, comfortable and above all, safe.

Plan on creating an unconventional concept

This one question that demands serious attention is whether your restaurant concept is a unique one when compared with the market competitors. Key factors need to be kept in mind carefully while choosing the concept that will suit the best for you and boost your business substantially. 

Listed are few examples of unique restaurant concepts that are successful globally:

  • Chef Robots at your service:

“Spyce kitchen" is a robot powered restaurant in Boston, MA. It has a record of preparing food in under three minutes. The robots operate the basic chores like dispensing ingredients which reduces the labor overhead for management and menu prices for guests.

  • Dine in the sky

Restaurant owners often love to tickle with diners’ senses while providing a breathtaking experience. Dining in the sky at a table suspended at a high altitude definitely guarantees both. Apart from the adrenaline rush, it attracts diners in large numbers due to the concept being so different.


  • Tree house eatery

These types of restaurants can be seen in countries that witness multiple changes in climate throughout the year. Dining in a tree house promises a pleasant time with blossoming nature surrounding everyone.

  • History themed restaurant

It has often been noted that people are deeply interested in history and restaurants that offer a historical theme. Investing on architecture from the past and antiques will immensely attract history buffs.

  • Go Aero dining

Aviation enthusiasts have a special predilection towards these types of restaurants. Airplane themed restaurants have the interior and exterior designed just like an airplane. Special attention is given so that even the minute details can be taken care of.

  • Dining under the Sea

Dining several hundred feet below the sea level is “once in a lifetime” experience for many people. Though there are only a handful of such restaurants around the globe and most of them are partially or completely submerged, the capital invested on it will certainly be rewarding in more ways than one


  • Where servers are the showstoppers

Imagine being a guest at a posh 50s themed restaurant where the servers start performing on the hit numbers from the past. Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a prime example of such a classic restaurant. It is located near Broadway in New York.

  • Dark Dining

It is often said that the loss of one sense heightens the others which means the flavors in the food gets intensified multiple times. Your guests can now get to experience dining in a completely new way. This theme usually creates a pitch dark dining area assisted by legally blind staff.

  • Animal friendly

It is really difficult for many people to let their pet stay at home and this is where pet friendly restaurants can be really helpful. There are also a lot of restaurants where the prime focus is on adopting cats or dogs from shelters. Koneko Cat Café is one such example. All the felines at Koneko are up for adoption.

  • Gimmicks

Adding gimmicky concepts to the restaurant can be a fun filled experience for the diners. Horror, rainforests, earthquake themes etc are few of such examples.

It is noted that creating a restaurant concept can seem like a really daunting task but the process gets really simpler when the idea is clear and the goal is divided into smaller steps. With a clear intent and applying same basic principles, balancing expectation with exclusivity is achievable. All that is required is to keep things simple, consistent and food gets the utmost priority.