What Amenities Should a Restaurant Have?

Good restaurants have amenities that others lack and that’s why people love them. Every person wants to go to a restaurant where they feel a sense of classy, comfort, elegance, luxury and above all safety. No matter how simple an eatery is it must have various amenities to flourish. Read to the end. Why? When it comes to getting individuals and groups to come to your restaurant, it all comes down to the amenities and services that it has.

Regardless of whether you want to start a restaurant or you are just looking for a place to eat out, being up to the minute about what a good restaurant must have, is vital. Let’s dive right in.


The internet has tons of articles claiming that owning parking is not important in dinner places. If the customers love the meals and the ambiance, they will figure out where to park their cars. Well, this hurts a restaurant more than you can imagine.

Who would want to pay for parking whereas they can get free parking at a restaurant? Having a spacious and well-secured parking makes the clients feel secure as they take their meals.

A Spacious Indoor and Outdoor Dining Space

Everyone loves to catch a breath of fresh air as they enjoy their meals. A restaurant with a spacious outdoor and a bracing environment, is likely to attract more visits than the one with a small and jammed room.

A good space means that consumers will have a space to sit and feel comfortable. Each table should have enough chairs or at least have a mixture of big and small tables. You don’t want customers to leave just because one of their friends or a pet for that matter won’t get a place in there.

A Reliable Free Wi-Fi

A free, fast and reliable internet connection is one of the prime factors people consider when selecting a restaurant. It keeps customers connected and thus they are likely to stay longer and probably order more treats. Again, many people do their businesses online these days.

Having a reliable and fast WIFI is a great way of attracting those who may want to relax or have a bite as they do their job.


Almost every restaurant has a television nowadays. Some claim that having a TV in a restaurant distracts customers from ordering meals. While this may be somewhat true, you should also be aware that a huge percentage of consumers wouldn’t mind catching up on the news as they take their dinner. 

Don’t you think that the lack of TV will make them want to go to another restaurant? One can’t talk of important amenities in an eatery and fail to mention TV.

Air Conditioning in all Rooms

Restaurants especially those with many customers must look for ways to bring in the air by all means. Besides the congestion, many restaurants have bakeries located just several feet from the dining rooms. This means that the humid and irritatingly hot air from the kitchen will fill the room.

Both the consumers and the workers need a comfortable environment. For that reason, installing an air conditioning system is mandatory in a restaurant.


Waiting time is one of the factors that make people leave a restaurant even before they are served. Things are moving really fast and people want to do everything as conveniently as possible. Consumers should be given an option to book a table and order food via phone.

Having a reservation system is also a sign that the restaurant is well organized. In a nutshell, it helps build a good rapport with customers. If a client books a table, they are likely to do it over and over again. So, a reservation system is a critically important amenity in a restaurant.

Complimentary Breakfast

People love free things. Many would rather go to a restaurant where they are guaranteed a free breakfast than going to the one that they will have to buy breakfast every morning. A research conducted by hotels.com found that free WIFI and complimentary breakfast are the most crucial amenities for travelers and tourists in a restaurant.

In most cases, travelers are dead tired and so they want to be in a place where they have little to worry about. Realizing this, many restaurants offer complimentary breakfast. Some restaurants even go an extra mile to give free bananas and avocados to kids as their parents look at the menu to select the dishes.

Credit Card

The use of credit card is among the most convenient modes of payment. A credit card can come for your rescue in terrible moments, or even when you least expect. Have you ever been to a hotel only to realize you have lost the cash? That is the most embarrassing and distressing moment you can ever be in.

Restaurants that have POS option are likely to attract more consumers because many people prefer to carry a credit card rather than cash. That said, it is vital for every restaurant to have a Point of sale (POS), and give the consumers the option to pay through credit cards.

Guest Rooms

Any place that offers foods and drinks must also have a place where people can catnap if they need to. Moreover, many businesses will want to hold a conference near the eateries, which means if you can offer them guest rooms, you are many steps ahead of those who don’t offer the services. And yes, it’s a way of maximizing your profits as the restaurant owner

Food delivery

Food delivery service and takeaway food are some of the most important and fastest growing aspects in restaurants. Some people are so busy that they don’t get time to sit in a restaurant. So, they either order for food online or buy takeout food. Having a food delivery and online order systems is essential in every restaurant. The lack of these two services means that customers who have tight schedules or who may want to eat in another place rather than the restaurant will prefer to buy from another restaurant, no matter how much they love your foods.

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What would you consider the best restaurant? Do you have a favorite restaurant? What amenities made you want to dine there every day?