What Are the Criteria of People to Go in or Pass a Restaurant?

It’s easy to think that finding the right restaurants is a cinch but those who have done it can speak up for the fact that a person needs to sleep on it. What makes people choose one restaurant and reject the other? Well, the experience you have in an eatery depends on the decisions that you make. There’s saying in aviation which goes, “a great landing begins with a good approach.”

Regardless of whether you want to take your family on a vacation or you just want to dine out for a day, knowing the criteria that people follow to land the right restaurant is crucial more so if you have never done it. Here are key criteria for people to go or pass a restaurant.

Food and Drinks

Perhaps, you want to eat out to have a different taste from what you are used to eating at your home. In that case, you need to ensure that whatever you eat in the restaurant is better and, of course, well cooked. Successful, restaurants have well-qualified chefs who understand the dietary value and requirements. Knowing whether the place has qualified chefs is never easy. So, look at the menu and the ingredients. Think about menu composition:

·         Dishes    

·         Ingredients

·         Cooking style

·         Dietary composition

Well, wine choice should also be among the things you consider. A good resultant will not limit you to taking a particular drink. On the contrary, they offer a broad variety of beverages, food pairing, and wines. If you are so much into wine, consider whether they have a competent sommelier or not.


Where is the restaurant located? Selecting the restaurant that is far away from where you live, means that you will have to spend extra bucks on transport every time you want to have a meal. This is even more so for those who don’t have their own vehicles or means of transport for that matter.

So, choose a restaurant that is within your reach using the means of transport that you can afford. It is even better to select a restaurant that is within a walking distance. Let’s be real, driving 80 miles only to buy food worth $10 is absurd. More so, walking for a long distance when you have kids will pose a real problem.


Restaurant ambiance refers to the general atmosphere in an eatery. Before resolving to dine out in a particular place, think about its environment. It is possible for a hotel to have beautiful colors but remember people have different tastes. No person will ever go to a place if it jars their nerves. Are you comfortable? Is the decor in that room your taste? Do they play your favorite genre of music? How loud or noisy is that music? Are you at ease being around the people in that place?

Moreover, you have to consider whether the environment will allow you to work, if you want to work from there. Book a table, if and only if, you are at ease with the environment.

The factors that determine the restaurant ambiance include:

·         Light quality

·         Noise level

·         Space

·         Smell

·         Touch

Value for Money

Who would dare say they have enough money? Even those who are rolling in dough are looking for ways to get more money and minimize expenditure. Nothing is annoying that spending more than you had anticipated. Realizing that the service that cost you an arm and a leg is not worth the price is even more irritating. People want restaurants that give them value for their money. Nevertheless, giving value does not necessarily mean being cheap but rather it means, getting exactly what you have paid for.

Take this scenario, for example, some street restaurants have tasty and far much better quality foods than many fancy restaurants out there. What’s the point of going to a fancy restaurant yet you can get better services at a cheaper price somewhere else?

The Quality of Service

Good resultants employ well-qualified waiters and waitresses to ensure that the clients will have a good experience. Of course, respect is a two-way street.  But at least, the waiters and the waitresses should have excellent communication and people skills. The First impression is always crucial. So, the way customers are welcome in a restaurant determines whether they will want to come back again or not. Interact with waiters and see how well they handle clients.

Also, consider the staff before resolving. Go to a place if the staff is ready to listen to the customers and pass if they are not. Remember, in case you have a complaint, you will need to speak with a staff member.

Good Hygiene is Mandatory

No person would ever wish to dine out if they know they’ll get sick. Play detective before booking a table. Drop by and check the washrooms and steal a glance at the kitchen to see whether it’s clean. Since accessing the kitchen is tricky, use the washroom, and also check the walls and the canals. If those areas are clean, chances are that the kitchen is also clean.

Learn from other People’s Mistakes

Considering all the aspects in one go is a demanding exercise. Therefore, you ought to consider what the customers had to say about the place. Don’t just look at the online reviews but also mingle with several people to hear what they have to say. Online reviews can be deceiving at times. Actually, a huge percentage of awesome reviews you see on the internet are cooked.

Besides looking for online reviews, inquire from your friends. Friends have no hidden interest, which means they are not likely to mislead you. To some people, the only tested and proven restaurant is the one they have been to before. Nevertheless, it is good to explore new tastes and places.

Have you ever had a bad experience in a restaurant? Possibly you didn’t follow the criteria that people follow to determine whether a particular eatery is worth their attention. Needless to say, you don’t have to bend over backwards. Following these easy criteria is the only sure way to ensuring you have a memorable eating out experience. What do you think about the criteria above? Are there chances of following all the tips and still end up making the wrong choice?