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El Guacamole - recipes, and why it's such a good fit with South American cuisine

May I introduce myself: El Guacamole my name. Mexican origin, but I already have my world trip behind me.

What's special about the Austrian national dish, the Viennese Schnitzel?

A little bit of Austria conquers the restaurants and plates of the world. The viennese schnitzel and why it is sometimes just a Schnitzel Viennese style.

A different kind of sausage: salami. What's really inside and delicious dishes prepared with it

Whether as a stick for on the road, on the roll or on the pizza. Almost no other sausage is as versatile and popular.

The history of currywurst: how was discovered and how is prepared nowadays

The typical German canteen food from the capital. So popular that there is even a little hymn of praise musically.

Eat outside: where you can enjoy your meal and what dishes are suitable for outside

Exchange office air for lunch to go on a park bench. Here you can find out how to get a little peace and quiet in everyday life, even during the lunch break.